Kissing Bees is about my thoughts, research and works-in-progress towards sensing the human plume.  I’m  an  artist experimenting with cross-sensory perception and the uncharted territories of the senses. My interest is in exploring  the immediate offerings of the senses and technologies —for smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch–that are shaping extrasensory perceptions of the world. My attention is currently turned towards what’s known as the bite in the mouth.

Thanks for visiting my journal and if you have any comments please email me. I would like to hear what you have to say.

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6 thoughts on “Intro”

  1. beckydunavin said:

    is that you kissing bees?

  2. What a delicate and powerful sensory image Raewyn………I never thought that bees would have a smell

  3. what do they smell like? flowers and ….honey?

  4. oh yes, i remember the smells!! wild bee hives, and domesticated.. beautiful experience.. bee’s wax! so nice. and natural honey , unbeatable..

    I’m transported back to 1960 in a red Beford Van at Eureka, near Hamilton, where my late brother David has captured the queen and managed to attract a big proportion of the swarm away from the poplar tree that they have just started living in, into our vehicle.. and its about a 20km ride home. But the right amount of smoke and the bees seem content and i’m just on a wild adventure to remove a hive from my uncles front gate, so I sit back an denjoy the experience. I will always remember the smell of the wild honey dribbling out of the tree after we drilled in with an auger… and the taste… perfection.

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